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Abundance Run Neighborhood

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Community of 16 single family homes

Permaculture inspired and green built neighborhood.

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A bird's eye view of Abundance Run!

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110 Abundance Run (Lot 16)

51 K D Ln Arden NC 28704 USA-print-013-0

Innovative Design

Our homes utilize the most pragmatic building science with a brand of craftsmanship that seeks to harmonize the home's performance seamlessly with its aesthetics.

GreenBuilt logo_Proud Member - NO OVAL T

Green Built Certified

Low Energy Bills!  Every home is third party rated and comes with guarantee of cost savings.

Natural playground slide.jpg

Shared Amenities

Natural Playground, 'Share Shed' for Hand Tools, Vegetable Gardens, Neighborhood Patio with an Outdoor Fireplace, and more

Blueberries on the vine

Edible Landscaping

Harvest food from the landscaping!  Berries, nuts, fruits!

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Close Proximity to Downtown

Haw Creek location is just minutes to downtown Asheville!  Close proximity for convenience of city life.

Image by Roberto Nickson

Asheville: Our Mountain Community

No matter if you've lived here for fifty years or fifty minutes, one can feel a gentle irrepressible energy about this place.  It seems at once thoughtful, open, and positively challenging, much like the mountains all around us.  If you are fortunate enough to call Asheville home, we hope you consider your choice of housing carefully.  A house built today will either exacerbate climate change or help turn the corner toward carbon drawdown.

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