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Our Vision

We understand that the homes we build today determine to a great extent the world we live in tomorrow

Quality Construction

Homes are built to last using quality products and advanced building techniques.  We pride ourselves as being 'builders who wear boots'.  That is, we have our hands on every aspect of construction so that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks.  A big part of 'sustainability' in housing is making certain that what we build provides value for several human generations.

Innovative Design

We build site specific homes.  This means that whenever able, our homes honor the sun rather than the street, create spaces for people over cars, and allow for use of the soil, sun, and rain.  We create timeless works of art that people can live inside of.

Low Energy Bills

We build above and beyond 'code minimum' by incorporating extra insulation in thicker, air-sealed walls.  We 'tune' the windows according to their direction.  We welcome winter sun and shield summer sun.  Through these considerations and many others not mentioned, we bring homes online that ensure a lifetime of low energy bills.

Healthy Living

Our homes are healthy and comfortable.  We keep indoor air quality front-of-mind throughout the building process.  We use Low-VOC finishes, passive radon mitigation, and mechanical ventilation to make certain we provide a healthy indoor environment.

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