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Building striking, high performance homes to be valued for generations

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Who We Are

Cardinal Point Construction builds beautiful and durable homes appropriate to the climate crisis.  Our goal is to prove to the world that the most comfortable, pleasing homes are also the healthiest and most energy efficient.  We deliberately build homes that dance with the sun, engage our senses with nature, and endure enough to be valued for generations.  By building within a Permaculture context, we create the potential for a food forest around our homes.

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Our Vision
We understand that the homes we build today determine to a great extent the world we live in tomorrow

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Quality Construction

Homes are built to last using quality products and advanced building techniques.  We pride ourselves as being 'builders who wear boots'.  That is, we have our hands on every aspect of construction so that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks.  A big part of 'sustainability' in housing is making certain that what we build provides value for several human generations.

Innovative Design

 We build site specific homes.  This means that whenever able, our homes honor the sun rather than the street, create spaces for people over cars, and allow for use of the soil, sun, and rain.  We create timeless works of art that people can live inside of.

Low Energy Bills

We build above and beyond 'code minimum' by incorporating extra insulation in thicker, air-sealed walls.  We 'tune' the windows according to their direction.  We welcome winter sun and shield summer sun.  Through these considerations and many others not mentioned, we bring homes online that ensure a lifetime of low energy bills.

Healthy Living

Our homes are healthy and comfortable.  We keep indoor air quality front-of-mind throughout the building process.  We use Low-VOC finishes, passive radon mitigation, and mechanical ventilation to make certain we provide a healthy indoor environment.

Custom Features

'Mid-Century Mountain' is the aesthetic we aim to achieve in the homes we’re currently building.  Driven by Mid-Century Modern design language we sculpt houses with strong natural connections. Often this is accomplished through passive solar elements and use of local hardwood, stone, and natural lighting.  As opposed to the sprawling ranches of the 1950's, we build site specific homes more appropriate to our mountain topography.

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'Mid-Century Mountain'

The design aesthetic we strive to achieve

Project Gallery

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Building Now

Abundance Run Subdivision

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177 Abundance Run (Lot 10)

Abundance Run.png

Community of 16 single family homes

Permaculture inspired and green built neighborhood.

Sheet-Abundance Run-Website.jpg

A bird's eye view of Abundance Run
Currently building homes on lot 9 & 4.

110 Abundance Run-2.jpg

110 Abundance Run (Lot 16)

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Innovative Design

Our homes utilize the most pragmatic building science with a brand of craftsmanship that seeks to harmonize the home's performance seamlessly with its aesthetics.

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Green Built Certified

Low Energy Bills!  Every home is third party rated and comes with a guarantee of cost savings from our electric utility.

Natural playground slide.jpg

Shared Amenities

Natural Playground, 'Share Shed' for Hand Tools, Community Vegetable Gardens, Neighborhood Patio with an Outdoor Fireplace, and more

Blueberries on the vine

Edible Landscaping

Harvest food from the landscaping!  Berries, nuts, fruits!

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Close Proximity to Downtown

Haw Creek location is just minutes to downtown Asheville!  Close proximity for convenience of city life.


Image by Roberto Nickson

Our Mountain Community

No matter if you've lived here for fifty years or fifty minutes, one can feel a gentle irrepressible energy about this place.  It seems at once thoughtful, open, and positively challenging, much like the mountains all around us.  If you are fortunate enough to call Asheville home, we hope you consider your choice of housing carefully.  A house built today will either exacerbate climate change or help turn the corner toward carbon drawdown.

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HERS Index: Like MPG for your Home

Measure of energy efficiency and your savings.  The lower the number, the more you save.

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Our Typical Efficient Home


Code-Built New Home


Average Resale Home



Midwifing Sustainability: Building and Selling Permaculture Incubators

Green Built Directory 2019-2020

Our Path to Net-Zero: One Family's Effort to Live their Truth

Green Building Directory 2014

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The Owners


Daniel Clere

Green Builder and Permaculture Designer

Building high performance homes has been an aspiration of mine as long as I can remember.  What at first was a sense of self-determination and a fascination with shelter grew into the realization that through our built environment we will either sink or swim as a species.  I wake up everyday grateful that I get to build beautiful homes that prove to the industrialized world that we can live well and also conserve resources.  I continue to hone my craft as a builder by implementing lower carbon construction techniques with a goal of building homes that are 'carbon negative' the moment I finish building them.  When I retire I hope to volunteer as Santa Clause at a children's hospital.


Jodi Clere

Landscaper and Office Manager

I pull everything together to make our business run smoothly.  Living in our passive and active solar home for the past many years has allowed me to appreciate the way landscaping and home effect each other.  I love gardening, hiking, and exploring natural areas.

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